Amazonas Injured! A Brazilian film project! We are looking for international partners for this film. There is great interest now by what happens in the Amazon rain forest and a great curiosity about the Legend Of Amazon

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

The cost of the film

The producer Carlos Guimaraes de Matos and  Alfred Hitchcock in Los Angeles

All the footage has already been budgeted

Pre Production : 3 months

Production : 2 months

Post production : 3 months

40% of the film is spoken in English.
Start: Top of filming: August 2015 - Manaus, Amazonas  Brasil

Every shot in 4K RED Digital Cinema Video

The cost of the film "Injured Amazonas", in the Brazilian reality is approximately $ 1. million.

With an investment of U$ 1 million, the member participates in 70% of the income of the film in all international markets for film, TV, DVD, etc

Threre are not included in the cost of the filme,  any cost of international partners, international actors and technicians, special effects and extra publicity release

The launch cost of Advertising in Brasil is on the order of 1 million U.S.

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