Amazonas Injured! A Brazilian film project! We are looking for international partners for this film. There is great interest now by what happens in the Amazon rain forest and a great curiosity about the Legend Of Amazon

domingo, 1 de abril de 2012

Injured Amazonas film, english synopis

The Amazones

Our film starts with a religious ceremony in a special native village where the Gods are called by a Xamã to save the life of a small baby son of Lucyola, the tribe's queen.
Any act that can make this happen is asked to Xamã.
The Xamã asks the Gods for blood and life. In his prayers, he asks the Goddess, that in that culture represents the exchange of lives, Xumanorá...that he accepted that someone should die so that the child could survive...
Severely demanded by the queen, and hesitant...he does the mortal spell...and throws him down the river in a fire boat.
Simultaneously, two research scientists, Guilherme and Adams, are in the middle of an important research trip along the upper Rio Negro, a region still unknown by the modern man. They are searching for secrets in the forest biodiversity.
In the small town of Barcelos, in the upper Rio Negro, Ricardo, a policeman, is surrounded by the daily problems related to the trafficking of drugs and animals.
At the police station he comments on the courage of the two researchers that took off from there, the last contact with civilization and went to incredibly unknown areas and full of criminals.
Fire arrows climb the skies in the direction of the moon to call the attention of the Gods to Xamã's request. A little while later, shooting stars and fire arrows from the Gods fall from the sky as answers....Xumanorá had accepted Xamã's request!
Simultaneously there is an explosion in the boat Guilherme and Adams are sailing on, and the two fall into the water and try to reach the river banks.
In the big city, Talita, whom Guilherme had recently married, receives the news of his disappearance in the forest. With her cousin and best friend, she leaves Belo Horizonte and arrives in Manaus. From there, they go to Barcelos and arrange for a small boat, and with the American wife of the Adams, who also disappeared, and accompanied by Ricardo they leave to search for their great love.
The only clue that they have is that their boatman was found in a coma by friendly natives and brought on a canoe to Barcelos but what he said did not make sense. He is hospitalized in the intensive care unit holding on to his life. This only shows that something serious has happened.
Susan, a beautiful American lady, is the wife of Adams, and to help spend the time of this long and unpredictable trip she brings a book called "The Legend of the Amazon."
While the search extends up the river, as the days go by the reality of what they see gets mixed up with their imagination with the fantasy of the legends narrated in the book.
But everything is related to everything and she discovers that nothing is by chance.
But the great mystery of the film is when only the spectators realize that the boatman hired by Talita to guide them in this great trip is the same Xamã of the initial prayers.
What would he be doing commanding that boat? Why so much coincidence? What would be his mission? Would he be taking the child to salvation to taking death to Talita?
Legend, magic and adventure in an exciting film that takes place in a not less magical, legendary and exciting location....The Amazon Forest

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