Amazonas Injured! A Brazilian film project! We are looking for international partners for this film. There is great interest now by what happens in the Amazon rain forest and a great curiosity about the Legend Of Amazon

terça-feira, 27 de abril de 2010

Amazonas Ferida, uma estória de Amor !

"Injured a love story" is a film that uncovers the Legend of the Amazon, as well as a fantasy from the past and origin of the name of the region, like the mysteries of the modern-day Amazon.
Our film is a libel for the defense of the forest! It exposes its exploitation, shows the destruction of natural habitats, the causes of global warming, shows the inappropriate use of mineral and plant reserves, of the trafficking of plants and animals, really encompassing the illegal exploitation of its treasures as well as some of its economically sustainable projects that open a future of hope for the planet.
Having all this in the background of an exciting love story, interpreted by Talita, that as she finds out that her husband Guilherme, a scientist of an important research firm, has disappeared in the jungle, pulls together all her strength and heads out in search to find him.
In this non-stop, dangerous search, she discovers mysteries of her own past and gets to know legends and cultural traditions of the Green Hell...
We are looking for support for the development of this movie. Financial support from firms and institutions that would like to have their logos associated to the environmental content of this film.

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